The Wake-Up Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn Party Woman and Manifesto

A dream for a better future


The Latin prefix ‘Con’ means ‘Thoroughly’ or ‘With’.

A more modern understanding of ‘Con’ is to make someone believe something false, usually so that that person will give you their money or taxes (we could say).

Firstly, to publicly apologise to all those that this country has oppressed with our horrendous arrogant views using politics, religion and monarchy, things may have been ‘different’ before, but that does not make it acceptable. Historic Acts are still used to condone this behaviour. All arts that were looted or removed on unfair terms should be returned to its rightful country.


Acceptance into private schooling should not be based upon wealth but for those that have worked hard to earn it, regardless of background or culture. 

School teachers need to be paid better wages due to the work they do in trying to educate our children. Teachers need more power & staff in classrooms, so they are not abused. 

No smartphones should be used within school hours with mobile data unavailable in schools to prevent online bullying and cheating schoolwork. 

School bullies need harsher punishments. 

School should provide life skills, managing money, paying bills, washing, cooking, mental health awareness and the environment rather than stuff that is not used and therefore, forgotten. 

Contraception to be freely available to students. For younger parents have to attend classes on how to manage life around their children to be in receipt of benefits.


Homelessness & Poverty

To lower the cost of housing so it is ‘much’ more affordable. Inflation has grown unkindly for modern day society. 

To build or use existing premises for more shelters for the homeless with friendly staff and help to get them rehabilitated, homed and into work. 

For Government to award more money so charity does not rely entirely on volunteers. 

For food to be provided by supermarkets shortly before expiry dates, rather than being wasted. 

Food banks to be abolished and families to be provided with suitable fresh groceries, delivered, with examples of ways they can utilise ingredients. 

For out of season clothing to be provided to families in poverty.



To expand companies from major cities such as London to be able to work from home or provide small offices in locations where there are less jobs available and stop the need for so much travel and destroying our environment. 

For opportunities to be provided through other methods than interviews. 

For more acceptance of people that lack confidence, that have mental health problems or homelessness. 

For wage levels to be spread more generously. 

For working hours to be more flexible with society’s needs, a full-time job of a week being split into 2x three/four-day jobs to make more vacancies available, relieve pressure off those overworked and enjoy time with family and friends. 

For carers to be paid a more accurate wage to the job they do, this is harder and more important than many jobs that pay a much higher wage. 

For carers looking after their own families to not be capped at £120 per week to earn carers allowance, but to earn whatever they can. 

For hospitals to be staffed and paid correctly, so that patients are not left waiting for hours. For doctors to be open 7 days a week, to stop hospitals being overburdened on weekends. 

To cut maximum working hours down to 35-hours.



To put more money and staff into working out a safe disposal of plastic and to finding eco-friendly alternatives.

Making healthy foods tax-free and more affordable than junk food.

To remove plastic from loose fruit & vegetables where possible. 

To put natural life such as humans, animals and trees first before man/woman-made technology and ideas. 

To ensure meat is brought up in a natural environment and live a good life before being humanely prepared for consumption. 

Baby animals will not be slaughtered for food.

Cutting down the size of meat shelves for less wastage or being provided to those in poverty.

For the production of plastic bags to be stopped and paper bags available at supermarket check outs. 



For parliament to be dissolved and changed to a system that is represented by people of different ethnicity, religion and background of one party, this party, where debates are discussed in an adult manner and invite the public to take part in way of video calls, phone calls and letters. 

For parliament to hold meetings all over the country not just in Westminster. With tougher bills decided by a jury rather than fought over like spoiled private school children. 

For manifesto to be replaced with the woman & manifesto.

For the selling of weapons from Britain to be banned. 

For newspapers to be more accurate and less invasive on private lives and focusing on the most important stories and encourage positive public reactions and support.

The word Brexit will be abolished and only used when one has seriously hurt oneself like stubbing a toe.



The whole system needs resetting. Too much wealth has been inherited as a result of oppression and capitalism of human lives from all over the world. Whether it has been from:

  • Religion
  • Slavery
  • Colonisation
  • Supplied Arms
  • Wars Started

A divide that is too big from the moment you are born does not offer the same opportunities as those in a higher ‘class’. Whilst it is fair many have worked to be in a well-off position, many have not and have been born into much more fortunate positions, resulting in a clash of classes, jealousy and bullying. There is always going to be a difference, but the gap is too big. 

Those that live in the United Kingdom will keep their money in the United Kingdom or can move to another country. Making room for immigrants that are being oppressed in other countries (probably funded at some point or learned from Britain).

This woman and manifesto will be funded by those that have more wealth than is necessary to put back into the economy. 


Please support a Wake-Up Party Government so our country can go backwards to move forwards.

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