Harry Potter & the Cursed Child; The Play reviewed.

Harry Potter CC#14It’s Sunday the 14th August 2016, the date has been the biggest highlight of our year since the announcement of a new Harry Potter. Tickets so high in demand, on the day of release I joined the queue at 9646, despite sitting refreshing both my phone & Mac constantly 10 minutes before they were due to go on sale.

The Palace theatre is incredible, a fine example of architecture that just feels perfect for a grand performance of magical proportions. Me & my family seated a few rows from the front with an outstanding view. Whilst London outside is enjoying a chilled out Sunday, a break from it’s usual demanding hustle & bustle, the theatre is full of excited Potter fans of all generations. The curtain displaying a stylish ‘H’ already gives the impression that this is a more sophisticated style to the HP we are all familiar with. As the curtain raises, the excitement and tension is pushed to another level, with gasps from the other early arrivals, followed by more speedy whispering about favourite characters, wands, spells, books and films. People have travelled miles from all over the world to be part of this exclusive show.

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V. E. Schwab interview at Waterstones Piccadilly

Last night I attended an evening with V. E. Schwab which was lots on fun. Victoria is clearly a very talented writer who chooses to write between the lines of good and evil rather than the usual format of having Heroes/Heroines and Villains/Villaines. Her writing is a reflection of the world around her through a fuzzy lens.


I filmed most of the session for those who could not attend, there are some really great writing tips as well as some great talk on her new novel ‘This Savage Song’ (which I am currently reading) and her previous works such as ‘Vicious’, ‘A Gathering of Shadows’ & my favourite book of 2015 by a female author ‘A Darker Shade of Magic.’ Enjoy.

Victoria was kind enough to sign books after the event. I picked up an copy of her new novel This Savage Song signed to give away, this is the UK first edition. To be in with a chance please comment below with the reason you would like a copy, genuine readers only please, no droids or cybermen.

The winner picked at random is E.Maree.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child midnight opening Waterstones Piccadilly

As a family we absolutely love Harry Potter, although this may not be the release that everyone would hope for extending the storyline, being a script rather than a book. Personally I think it is amazing for fans to have an alternative to the books, audiobooks and films. The theatre production will be cast all over the world, we are going to see Harry Potter and the Cursed child in a couple of weeks, we are so excited. J.K Rowling deserves so much credit, with the height HP reached she did not need to write more, however if you read/watch the end of Deathly Hallows you have to wonder if Rowling always had this planned but needed to take a few steps back. I was a bit disappointed in the books she wrote under her pseudonym, I would have expected something more imaginative, there is little Rowling recognition, however to continue and have the passion to keep writing is just incredible. She is an inspiration to me, my partner and my children to pick up a book and read and be blown away by the amount of detail, emotion and magic packed inside or even pick up a pen and create something magical of your own.


I attended the midnight opening for the release of the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child with my partner, 6 year old daughter and 9 year old son. he got so much attention in his Draco Malfoy outfit and wrote this review of the event. If you were there say hi!!

On Saturday 30th July me, my mum, dad and sister travelled to London for the release of Harry Potter and the cursed child. It was a late night for us as the party started at 10pm and the release at midnight. We had some drinks next to the theatre where it was the opening day for the play, but missed J.K. Rowling. We are going to see the play in a couple of weeks during the summer holiday.

We all dressed up for the release, I was Draco Malfoy who is my favourite character because he is cool, and smart and he has very blonde hair like me. We also have similar personalities, my parents know all about this. For my outfit I wore a Slytherin cloak, waistcoat, and shirt green tie and had his wand. My sister dressed as Hermoine Granger, mummy went as Luna Lovegood and daddy went as Sirius Black, although his wig was not very serious.

We arrived in good time for the queue we were about 20 back from the front, in the queue I was being interviewed and had lots of pictures taken it was also great being amongst so many other Potter fans.

When the doors finally opened at 10:05pm my dad disarmed the cameraman with Expelliarmus and we were off. When we first got Waterstones was amazing, decorated with loads of Harry Potter things. The first thing that caught my eye was Hagrids motorbike and all the merchandise. We visited Honeydukes and got lots of sweets including some soapy bons-bons which were not so nice. We visited the three broomsticks and got some butterbeer with no alcohol, my mum and dad were not so impressed with theirs, rum & cream soda not a good combo, it should have been butterscotch flavoured beer.

We entered the tombola; daddy won a deathly hallows journal, which he is already writing, reviews in. We wrote on the ‘what does harry potter mean to you board’ I wrote ‘Everything’ We couldn’t find the dressing up competition and therefore was also late to the quiz which we were all really gutted about. So we went and looked around at the movie props that were incredible including the sword of Gryffindor, marauders map, gringotts coins, lots of the outfits including Hagrid and qudditch robes.

My sister and me played quidditch that was lots of fun and worked really well as a sport, I scored 10 points with the quaffle, I could find a golden snitch though. Before queuing up for the book we visited the cupboard under the stairs and then queued, we watched the amazing violinists playing Harry Potter music. When midnight came we all counted down and sung Happy Birthday. We were amongst the first hundred people to get the book. Daddy read some to us in the car, which was awesome, but we are not going to read it until after the play so we don’t spoil it but cannot wait.

Written by Joshua Reynolds (Age 9) with help of daddy.




Thank you Waterstones for an awesome time.
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CpBGrz9XYAEiiH1If you have not visited Pottermore yet, I highly recommend it, we also featured in an article.


Raven Girl at The Royal Opera House

A combination of dark fairytale and ballet take to the stage for one of the most entertaining and unsettling performances you are likely to see at The Royal Opera House. The ROH is a place of elegance situated in the heart of London’s Covent Garden, it’s a trip me and my partner look forward too, last year we were blown away by Chroma / The Human Seasons / The Rite of Spring. Continue reading

Sir Terry Pratchett – A Final Farewell

A Final farewell to Sir Terry Pratchett-


Last night I was fortunate enough to attend a very special event to celebrate the launch of Terry Pratchett’s final book The Shepherd’s Crown.

Waterstones Piccadilly made a fantastic effort at setting the scene for the 200 fans lucky enough to get a ticket. Many fans turning up over an hour early to queue, have pics taken and get in the spirit of things, with an impressive amount of people taking the opportunity to make use of the Discworld dress code. This was no half-hearted effort either standing close by were Rincewind, Tiffany Aching, Queenie and Two-Flower, whilst some Nac Mac Feegles & the fantastically dressed Librarian (Oook) walk past. I myself went as Death & Auri as Susan Sto Helit.

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