Christmas Disquietude – Edited

Christmas is a time for Happiness and Love
Love your Planet? 
Don’t spend your money on Plastic
A Hug is worth far more
and does not cost a Tree
Please save yourself from Debt
Prevent yourself an unhappy
New Year’s resolution 
Of Worry and Misery.

Try wrapping gifts in newspaper
Tell the kids Santa is now Eco-friendly 
As he will Lose his Home
The North Pole will melt away.
Border control will refuse him entry 
and his elves will be found


Seeking Somewhere Safe to Stay
Prized antlers Wrenched
Fur and Flesh sharply prepared
A Tender and Tasty delicacy
To be cooked Medium-Rare

Another Dear Extinction to those that Car

Parliament Pirogue about Summer in offshore locations
Where banks secure money rather than support their Nation

And a Santa-Free Christmas now a whole day of

Political Propaganda
for the family on TV
in a Democratic Dictatorship hunt,
Glass words from Posh-Private-schooled
(Please insert own noun)
that don’t know us from Adam

Or Eve

but continue to feed us with Egotistic Speeches
because they are more important than the stories
of Santa and Jesus.

The poor and the elderly 
Frozen in lives of isolation 
Dementia-like democracy, repetitive lies
Benefits always decline, whilst taxes continue to rise 
Take us back to the Poor Laws of


But, I say, this is nothing to with being underprivileged 
Mental health, Illness or Disabilities 
The vote in the house is Unanimous,Those working-class mugwumps are damn

You don’t need to 
Damage the planet to show you Appreciate your 
family and your friends

Just continue to be there for them until the very end
Be compassionate and let love rule over violence
Don’t just sit there
Seek out those Strangers that Suffer-in-Silence


Company and warm words and will go so such a long way 
To making someone smile on Christmas Day

Merry Christmas

The Struggles of Love

Trying desperately hard to achieve, but causing so much pain
Imprisoned by self-obligations, physically and mentally drained
Taunted and teased to the point of despair, no intention to be unfair,
Selfish or awkward, they are my obsessions so clearly I do not care
Just knowing it will not be good enough, whatever you give
Questions the meaning of life when you no longer want to live
You break and you cry, whilst I am just an emotionless wreck

I can see I am hurting you but I cannot feel why only shame
Envying your beautiful tears and wishing I could cry the same
To reassure you, but my bottle is broken, I have not cried for years
Anaesthetised from the world, insecure listening to your fears
Pouring your heart out, bleeding, pleading to become numb like me

If you would only look closer, my heart is solely yours do you not see
My love for you is so much truer than from anyone else, it could be

I am clearly no poet, but I do feel using it as a guide can help add some structure to writing particularly when really struggling to express yourself like I am today. This piece focuses on struggles in a relationship when one suffers from Aspergers and can see pain and emotion but not feel and understand it. However, everybody is unique.